Congressional Focus on Crop Insurance



These two testimonies made on behalf of several organizations, such as AACI, by members of the private sector community spoke on behalf of the private sector delivery system to the Senate and House agriculture committees in May of 2012. Speaking on the successes and need for the continuation of the crop insurance program, these individuals went before Congress to address the important issues facing the industry with the 2012 Farm Bill at hand.

It is important to understand the basic concept, structure and need for crop insurance in our country. This educational power point looks at the evolution and growth of this important federal program overtime. After looking at the crops and acreage insured it is clear why crop insurance is now considered to be essential and vital to our farmers.

These two reports look at crop insurance for specialty crops specifially.  The first is a power point created by Keith Collins, former Cheif Economist for the USDA. After defining what crop insurance is and what the USDA defines as a specialty crop, details on subjects such as crop insurance plans available for these crops, yearly trends, and annual coverage on specific specialty crops are described. This power point is beneficial because it shows the impact has on industries other than commodity crops.

Additionally, there is a recent report by the Congressional Research Service, that also looks at the details surrounding crop insurance for specialty crops.