Focus on Crop Insurance Industry



View a complete transcript of Chairman Tim Weber's opening remarks at the 2015 Crop Insurance Annual Convention in Bonita Springs, FL. 

2015 Chairman's Speech

Farmer, crop insurance agent and AACI member writes about the importance of crop insurance in a recent op-ed.

Farmer: Crop insurance is smart for farm and consumer policy.

Crop insurance is unlike any other insurance type. This paper takes a look at an agent's work throughout a typical year. It goes into detail, month by month, of the efforts taken by agents across the country to ensure that our farmers are protected. Whether it is preparing and presenting quotes to each farmer or organizing meetings to share the new policy changes, this document goes into the importance of each step in the agent's annual responsibilities.

This report issued by NCIS looks at the concerns regarding the misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding the crop insurance industry and its link to the private sector. The document summarizes how crop insurance works, its cost effectiveness as well as the issue of rate of return. Ultimately, NCIS points out that the crop insurance industry is functioning exactly as Congress intended it work. Our nation's farmers and bankers agree with the program and it is important that the program not be weakened in order to continue with the success.

This document goes into detail concerning the logistics of the crop insurance industry.  It explains the reaons making it such a successful Federal program, what Aminsitrative and Operation reimbursements are, why rate of returns to companies can be volitile and much more.  This is an important document in understanding the basic fundamentals behind this industry.